Our vision

The trustees of H4BD are clear on the 4 cornerstones we need to communicate: ‘Successes, Reputation, Vision and Strategy’.

Successes: Vulnerable people need hope. Our testimonials page gives examples of how H4BD gave hope when guests found themselves homelessness. Success stories inspire. People can change and their situations can change – all for the better. We trust in God.

Reputation: H4BD has built a strong reputation for quality and care with guests and with referring agencies including the Council, the Police, Probation Services, RAMFEL, Red Lion (Drug and Alcohol Support Team) and the Mental Health Street Triage Team among others.  As our reputation has grown, H4BD has been able to secure multi-agency meetings to better help guests efficiently rather than a series of many different bilateral meetings. We have ensured appropriate safeguarding policies, risk assessments and training are in place. We have started with what we can do and will only grow our services at a sustainable rate in order not to jeopardise our reputation.

Vision: Ideally we would rather our services were not needed. But the reality is that need has grown as mental health problems grow and funding is cut and affordable accommodation is harder to find. We would like to have 3 full-time employed staff and a central venue with a capacity of 50. For this we also need a permanent fund raiser.

Strategy: To fulfil the vision, the trustees know we must communicate the need, communicate the success, communicate our competence and communicate the vision and how we plan to get there.

  • For a larger, all year night shelter venue with a daytime office, local residents are already supporting us petition the council. We presented a petition of over 1,000 local signatures to the council for their consideration in September 2017.
  • To meet the bigger need, we need to plan to grow and plan a sustainable income stream
  • To that end, the trustees are securing a focused fund raiser – with a view to employing our 3 staff full-time. Initially, as our funds are limited, our fund raiser has to be a volunteer until we can pay for such services.
  • We are also growing the number of trustees so that we can give ourselves the time needed to plan effectively.